SPARCstation 10 Series

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SPARCstation 10 Series

When our engineers designed the SPARCstation(TM) 10 Series, their challenge was to build a system that sacrificed nothing to bring you everything you need in a workstation.

But before the designing and testing and debugging began, they asked one deceptively simple question: What do you want in a computer?

We listened. And then we built a workstation that runs your applications better. We'll tell you about the SPARCstation 10 Series' superior SPECmarks and memory and I/O, but what it all comes down to is this system is built to compute and manage large amounts of data--fast. The bigger and more demanding the job, the more the SPARCstation 10 Series shines.

And we designed it to protect your investment while giving you the freedom to grow. No other desktop system provides the expansion capabilities that the SPARCstation 10 Series does. Whether it's adding even faster CPUs, or a second processor, or more memory and higher-capacity disks, this system knows how to accommodate. It's a perfect fit with your existing environment. And we offer a clear and easy upgrade path to the SPARCstation 10 Series from our previous SPARCstation models.

And finally, we made a system that keeps you competitive. The SPARCstation 10 system is a workstation with a built-in future. Like desktop multiprocessing, to take you to even higher performance levels. And ISDN technology and multimedia capabilities, so you can experience a whole new world where your computer can be integrated with your telephone, fax, CD player, and video camera.

Plus the system is backed by our commitment to service and support, including online help and documentation, speedy onsite hardware service, software updates, consulting services, and more.

It's all these features together that make the SPARCstation 10 Series the best workstation ever built. And that's because somebody asked the right question.

A machine that's all business

If you think the SPARCstation 10 Series is only a technical workstation, we have an exciting business proposition to make.

More and more, businesses that run compute-intensive applications like financial analysis, online trading, publishing, and databases are discovering that Sun systems are a natural fit in today's competitive business environment.

Why? Because businesses are built on information. And the SPARCstation 10 Series is designed to process huge amounts of information. It's a system that gives you all the power you need, plus fast I/O, lots of memory, and large disk capacity. Bottom line, you get quick access to valuable data and the power to analyze that data on your desktop.

Your software developers will be glad to know that the SPARCstation 10 Series, combined with Sun's robust software development tools, is the ideal platform for building and maintaining mission-critical software.

Of course, all businesspeople want to protect their investments. So we designed the SPARCstation 10 Series to integrate into even the most complex multivendor environments. You can run all the PC applications you're used to, plus link into PC LANS and even connect to the mainframe. So you won't lose your investments in software, data, or training.

And you won't lose ground to the competition when the information you need becomes increasingly complex. As applications that integrate text, voice, CD, and video become more important to your business, the SPARCstation 10 Series' built-in multimedia capabilities and ISDN technology will keep you ahead.

We work closely with our third-party developers to keep you supplied with the tools you need to stay competitive. And you'll be amazed to find the sheer number of business applications available for the SPARCstation 10 Series. You can choose from all the leading applications for database, electronic publishing, finance, and much more. You can run all the productivity tools you're used to--and they'll perform even better on a SPARCstation system.

The SPARCstation 10 Series delivers incredible performance for the technical applications you use. And thousands of SCD-compliant solutions are available today.

The power machine for technical computing

In highly technical and engineering applications, we've always been the workstation of choice--and with the introduction of the SPARCstation 10 Series, that choice gets even easier.

For any kind of design, analysis, or simulation applications, this is the ideal workstation--a system that combines superscalar integer and floating-point performance; high-capacity, high-performance disks; and 8- or 24-bit accelerated color. You can't find a better system to run your most critical applications.

And if you need even more power, more disk capacity, or more memory for your very demanding applications, the SPARCstation 10 Series is the easiest and most economical system in the industry to upgrade. You can move up to multiprocessing by just plugging in another CPU.

And you don't need to walk away from your existing hardware. In fact, the SPARCstation 10 Series makes it more valuable, letting you link to PCs, minicomputers, and mainframes. That means that many of your most important investments--in data, time, and training--are protected, too.

We have the industry's best software applications, including all the leading packages for electronic design, mechanical computer-aided design, earth resources, geographic information systems, scientific research, medical, and more.

Whatever work you do, the SPARCstation 10 Series increases your company's productivity, shortens the design cycle for innovative new products, and cuts your costs. And that means your products hit the market fast, keeping you ahead of the competition.

The SPARCstation 10 Series is binary compatible with our entire product family. So you can run the same software across all our systems--unchanged.

Everyone who needs graphics gets them

There's only one thing better than great graphics performance, and that's performance at an affordable price. With the SPARCstation 10 Series, you can choose just the right graphics workstation to make your work shine.

The SPARCstation 10SX has an imaging accelerator integrated directly into the SPARCstation 10 memory controller. This results in powerful 2D/3D 24-bit color graphics performance.

The SPARCstation 10TGX gives built-in graphics acceleration. That makes it the ideal affordable solution to run powerful 2-D and 3-D wireframe drafting or electronic design packages, or realtime data analysis and display in financial applications--or for those who just want extremely responsive windows, menus, and text. And if you need double buffering and larger screen size for smooth animation, they're here in the SPARCstation 10TGXplus system.

But your applications may be even more demanding. So we packed 3-D solids functionality into the SPARCstation 10ZX pizza box--perfect for high-end design, mapping, molecular modeling, and more.

And with Sun, your choices aren't limited to one vendor's solutions. We've opened our graphics interfaces to third-party graphics companies. That means it's easy for them to provide you with the most innovative graphics options--low-cost imaging, powerful image processors, high-end 3-D modeling packages, and more. But then, what else do you expect from the company that pioneered open systems?

Multiprocessing: Turning up the power.

Multiprocessing puts you at an entirely new level of performance. Simply put, multiprocessing allows two or more processors to work concurrently. If you're running multiple applications, each can be assigned to to a different processor. And functions within a single application can be split among processors. The result is faster application performance.

And with the SPARCstation 10 Series, it's now feasible to bring that performance to every desktop.

Moving to multiprocessing is easy with the SPARCstation 10 Series. Processors reside on MBus modules. So you can upgrade your system to multiprocessing by simply plugging in another CPU.

But adding another processor is only part of the story. Everything about this system--from the extra-large cache to the bus architecture to the increased bandwidth--was designed to take advantage of multiprocessing. So you not only get more power, you get a balanced system that can handle it.

The workstation with the built-in future

Multimedia takes technologies we're all familiar with--telephone, fax, CD, audio, and video--and integrates them with your computer. And the SPARCstation 10 Series is poised to bring you the multimedia applications that will be playing an increasingly large part in our lives.

ISDN--the same technology your telephone company uses--is built into the SPARCstation 10 Series. So you have access to a global, public network that will link computer systems together around the world.

What kind of applications will we be seeing? Start with telephony. With ISDN, video conferencing through the phone network is just around the corner. Or fax a document to someone right from your workstation. Or send documents that combine text, audio, and video to anybody, anywhere in the world.

And soon we'll be able to share and work on the same screen, whether we're down the hall from one another or across continents. Or speak into our workstation microphone and have our message sent to a coworker in another country--translated.

The SPARCstation 10 Series is the right workstation to make the future happen.

It's just the beginning. But aren't you glad you're already there?

SPARCstation 10 Series Specifications


Main Memory

Standard Interfaces

Mass Storage and Media

Graphics, Imaging, and Video

Monitor Options

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Environment (per 950-1316-03)

Regulations (Meets or exceeds the following requirements:)


Dimensions and Weights


Chassis-level upgrades are available for the SPARCstation 1, SPARCstation 1+, SPARCstation IPX, and SPARCstation 2.

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