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Configuring your Mac for NetSide


The first step in configuring your Macintosh for NetSide is to configure MacTCP. If you do not have a MacTCP control panel listed in your Control Panels, you need to obtain MacTCP.



[download MacPPP/FreePPP]

Configuring the version of MacPPP contained within the software package which can be downloaded directly from the NetSide FTP site is made slightly more complicated by the necessity of the connect script.

Getting started

Other Applications

You can download the latest Netscape Navigator software directly from their official site:

Netscape Now!
[Download Netscape Software]

Other Internet applications for your Macintosh can be obtained from the NetSide FTP site.

Obtaining MacTCP

To obtain MacTCP, you must either:
System 7.5.2 Note: if you have system 7.5.2, the TCP/IP control panel is not compatible with current implementations of MacPPP and its derivatives, and/or InterSLIP or MacSLIP. To use these control panels/connection protocols, you must remove the TCP/IP control panels and replace it with the MacTCP control panel from System 7.5.1.

Special thanks go to George Milhet (gmilhet@netside.net) for providing these instructions.

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