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Configuring OS/2 Warp for NetSide

Required software

In order to connect in SLIP or PPP mode to NetSide (or any other Internet Services Provider) with Warp, you must have the IBM Internet Access Kit (IAK) included with Warp in the Bonus Pack. You will also need a web browser called Web Explorer, a fine piece of software that is available free to you from IBM (this document will explain how to obtain it easily).

If you have a sound card, and wish to use the multimedia features of the World Wide Web, be sure that Multimedia Support (MMOS2) has been installed on your machine. (if it has not, use the Selective Install feature of OS/2 Setup to install it).

If you haven't done so already, run the Bonus Pack's INSTALL.EXE program and install:

1. The Internet Access Kit.
2. The multimedia VIEWER package.
Then reboot your system to activate the changes.

Configuring IBM Dial-Up for TCP/IP to Connect to NetSide

The IAK Installer will place a folder containing all the internet utility objects. Inside is another folder called "Internet Utilities," which contains an object called Dial Other Internet Providers. This is the dialer program that you will use to call NetSide. You will probably want to create a shadow of this object on the desktop where it will be handy.

To negotiate the logon sequence at NetSide, you will need a script file. For your convenience we have adapted Don Russell's REXX script for this purpose. Download netdial.cmd now, and place in your tcpip\bin directory with your IAK executables.

Creating a connection entry

Start the Dial Other Internet Providers (Dial-Up) program and click on "Create New Entry." Fill out the notebook as follows.

Login Info

      Name:              NETPPP
      Description:       netside.net
      Login ID:          [your username]
      Password:          [your password]
      Phone number:      531-2929
      Login Sequence:    netdial.cmd
      Connection Type:   [X] PPP
      Inactivity Timeout Option
      Minutes to Wait Before Automatic Hangup:  15

Connect Info

      MRU Size:          1536
      Domain Nameserver:
      Your host name:    [username]
      Your Domain Name:  netside.net

Server Info

Default Servers/Hosts

      News Server:       sunny.netside.net
      Gopher Server:
      WWW Server:

Mail Server Info

      Mail Gateway:
      POP Mail Server:
      Reply Domain:      netside.net
      Reply (Mail) ID:   [username]@netside.net
      POP Login ID:      [username]
      POP Password:      [password]

Modem Info

      Comm port:         [your comm port]
      Speed (Baud):      38400
                         (Note: use this value regardless of your modem speed)
      Data Bits:         8
      Parity:            NONE

Connecting to NetSide with IBM Dial-Up for TCP/IP

After the login command is configured, your machine should be able to automatically dial in and establish a connection with NetSide. Remember, Dial-Up must be started before any other application that requires access to the Internet, and an active connection must be established first. This means you should start Web Explorer and other applications after you ran Dial-Up and your modem dialed our site.

Updating Software and Installing Web Explorer

Web Explorer had not been released when Warp and the Bonus Pack were shipped, so the first thing you should do when you are able to connect to NetSide, is obtain the new software and install it. It's not hard -- IBM has included a fully automated utility for this purpose. Just start Dial Up, click on the Dial icon and wait until a connection is made. Then double-click on the Retrieve Software Updates icon in the IBM Internet Connection folder. The software will automatically log on to the IBM gopher server in Boulder, Colorado, and present you with a list of the most recent software updates. Click on the newest version of PPP/SLIP and on Web Explorer (if you're familiar with the Internet, you may wish to download the newest telnet and archie clients now as well -- or you may leave those for later). The software will automatically download your choices and install it on your hard disk. Just reboot, and you'll be ready to go.


Special thanks go to Rich Veraa (rveraa@netside.net) for developing these login instructions.

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