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Configuring Windows 3.1 for NetSide

Required software

In order to connect in SLIP or PPP mode to NetSide (or any other Internet Services Provider) with Windows 3.1x, you must have a Windows Socket package. This does NOT come with Windows 3.1x, it must be obtained elsewhere. NetSide recommends Trumpet Winsock software. You may obtain the latest version directly from their site (expires in 30 days if not registered and paid for), or use an older stable version from our FTP site. Since this is only a socket package, we strongly recommend you use the free 2.0b version and our custom script.

The following setup instructions apply to Trumpet Winsock version 2.0b (recommended).

While you're at it, you may as well download the version 2.0b login command for NetSide.

Installing Trumpet Winsock 2.0b

The twsk20b.zip file you just downloaded is a DOS archive. You will need the PKZIP DOS utility to extract the program files. Once you have these files, proceed as follows:

Connecting with Trumpet Winsock 2.0b

After the login command is configured, your machine should be able to automatically dial in and establish a connection with NetSide. Remember, Trumpet Winsock must be started before any other application that requires access to the Internet, and an active connection must be established first. This means you should start Netscape after you ran Trumpet and your modem dialed our site.

Important: after you get connected with Trumpet, hitting the ESCAPE key in the Trumpet window toggles between command line and application modes. Always minimize the window (do not close the application, or you will break the connection). You can use Netscape only after you have activated your SLIP or PPP connection.

Other Applications

You can download the latest Netscape Navigator software directly from their official site:

Netscape Now!
[Download Netscape Software]

NetSide offers a complete suite of applications for accessing the Internet with Windows 3.1x, covering ALL major functions: latest Netscape Web browser, e-mail, Usenet news, ftp, telnet, archie, gopher, IRC, Web HTML editor, Web graphics editor, archiving software, and other goodies. These are available for downloading FREE of charge from the NetSide FTP site.


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