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Configuring Windows 95 for V.34 at NetSide
Important: This configuration can only be used with analog modems, up to V.34 speeds (33.6Kbps), on the (305) 531-2929 dial-in number. It will not work with the Ascend K56flex digital modem pools.

Installing Windows 95

To install Microsoft's Windows 95 software, perform the following steps:

Seriously now, we recommend you do a standard install of all Windows 95 components. Especially important is the Communications module.

Required Software

Unlike earlier releases, Windows 95 comes with its own Winsock program, which can be used to connect to NetSide. To completely automate the login procedure, you may also want to install the Microsoft Windows 95 PLUS package that supports advanced scripting functions.

Configuring the Client for Microsoft Networks

If present, the properties for the Client for Microsoft Networks found under Network (Start:Settings:Control Panel:Network:Client for Microsoft Networks:Properties) must be configured for Quick Logon (Network drives are not used until needed).

Dial-up Networking

The Dial-up Networking selection can easily be configured by following the steps described below:

Manual PPP login

When using the manual login procedure, after the modem has dialed and connected to the server, on the terminal window the user will be presented with a herald and prompted for login:

     |||    |||  |||||| ||||||||  |||||||   |||  |||||||    ||||||
    ||||   |||  |||       |||   |||    ||| |||  |||   |||  |||
   |||||  |||  ||||||    |||     ||||     |||  |||   |||  ||||||
  ||| ||||||  |||       |||        ||||  |||  |||   |||  |||
 |||   ||||  |||       |||   |||    ||| |||  |||   |||  |||
|||    |||  ||||||    |||     |||||||  |||  |||||||    ||||||  CORPORATION


Internet Services Provider          P.O. Box 403895, Miami Beach, FL 33140

305-531-1995 voice * 305-531-AWAY (531-2929) data 8,N,1 * 305-531-1975 fax                                       



Internet Server: sunny.netside.net - SUN SPARCstation 10MP running Solaris

      -=- Login as "info" for information on services and pricing -=-

sunny ttyxx login: _

Enter your user code, in lowercase only, and press return. At the prompt "Password: ", enter your password (will not display on screen as you type for security reasons) and press return. If both login and password are correct, the system will display the following menu screen:
                _   __     __   ____  _     __
               / | / /__  / /_/ ___/_(_)__ / /__ 
              /  |/ / _ \/ __(_(_  / // _ ` / _ \
             / /|  /  __/ /____) )/ // /_/ /  __/
            /_/ |_/\___/\__/\___/ \_/\____/\___/    CORPORATION
          Internet Services Provider * http://www.netside.net

You have mail.

You have the following login options:

    * M --> Run Menu SHELL

    * S --> Run SLIP

    * P --> Run PPP

    * Q --> Quit and logoff the system

Please select an option: [M]

Type the letter "P" and press return. The system will prompt:
You are about to enter PPP mode. Continue? [y]
Type the letter "y" and press return. In the terminal window, select "Continue (F7)".

Configuring Automatic PPP login

Execute Start:Programs:Accessories:Dial-up Scripting Tool. A new window will pop up.

Note: The netside.scp script uses advanced commands and will only work with the Windows 95 PLUS optional package. If you don't have PLUS, you will have to log in manually, using the Terminal window, or try applying the simpler netside2.scp script instead.

Starting Automatic PPP login

Once configured, a connection to NetSide Corporation's Internet Services can be established by simply clicking on the NetSide Corporation icon within the Dial-up Networking folder. A new window named Connect to will pop up.

After the modem dials out and a connection with the server is established, a window will indicate you are connected. That's it!

You can now start your desired Internet application.

Other 32-bit Applications

You can download the latest Netscape Navigator software directly from their official site:

Netscape Now!
[Download Netscape Software]

NetSide offers a selected suite of 32-bit applications for accessing the Internet with Windows 95. These are available for downloading FREE of charge from the NetSide FTP site. You may also run some 16-bit Windows applications where the 32-bit versions are not available.

And don't forget to contact NetSide Corporation before attempting to "tweak" the settings for your PPP connection!


Special thanks go to David Collantes (davidc@netside.net) for providing the instructions and developing the login script.

Please address all correspondence regarding this page to:

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