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Doug's Picture, an older picture of Doug, and of course, Erika's Picture.

We got started a while back, but really don't have much time to dedicate to maintaining the web site, so there is not much more. We promise more later. Meanwhile, the opinions here are strictly our own, and do not reflect the views of the Netside Corporation.

Doug has eclectic interests, mostly revolving around various forms of transportation and communication. Aviation, Law , Ham Radio, various do gooder projects, and recently the assault on free speech by the so called " Church of Scientology."

Erika is Doug's daughter. She is currently enrolled at Southern Methodist University where she is a Junior BFA candidate majoring in Theater and minoring in dance. If that were not enough of a load, she is talking about a BA in English and Law School. If she just wants to postpone entry to the cold cruel world, I am all for her, but if she actually wants to practice law, I tremble. She attended the School of American Ballet summer program in New York for several years, and made friends from all over the United States. Her dancing and high school arts program (as rigorous as any in the country) did not leave her much time to mess around with computers, although she is a country fair graphics artist. The life plan that she has laid out for herself in college is worse. The picture is from her performance (as a flower) in the Miami Ballet's production of the Nutcracker.

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