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Fully equipped auto repair shop, with all licenses and permits, currently working at full capacity.

We Repair :
Industrial Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Marine Equipment
Domestic and Imported

It is not necessary to invest heavily in order to start gaining returns on your investment.. We currently have a large inventory of repaired parts that are ready to sell.

Hundreds of "CORES" (Used units available for repair), we will train the buyer for "Two Months" at no cost. This will provide sufficient time to begin completing general mechanic work if you wish.

We have been family owned and have operated for almost 20 years. We own the building which has 2300 square feet, all of which is concrete (floor, walls, and roof). The electrical capabilities of the site consists of 220 Triphasic, 220, and 110 Volts. The site also contains drinking water, weekly garbage pickup, and maintenance around the building site. The site also has a second floor with the dimensions of 10'H x 80'L x 25'W. The second floor is currently used to house all finished products available for sale. The second floor can be accessed by using either the 36"W stairs or an electrical elevator with the ability to carry 500 pounds. Part of the second floor can also be used as an office. The second floor also has a separate bathroom.

Guaranteed low monthly rate with water, weekly garbage pickup, and site maintenance with a one to five year contract. Contract can be extended. We are located in the KENDALL area in MIAMI, Florida, USA. Site is located close to several area highways which will take you to any area in the Greater Miami area within minutes.

For more information call or write to, (NO MIDDLE MAN OR REAL ESTATE AGENT)

Daytime Phone :
(305) 256-9959
Evening Phone :
(305) 229-1094
Ask for :
E-Mail Address:



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