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There are many advantages to having a custom-built machine versus a mail-order or "off the shelf" system. With a machine that has been built specifically to your needs, you can expect the highest quality, name brand components placed in a case that allows for expandability in the future. With most mail order companies, the machines are built with the lowest-cost components, usually in a configuration that allows for little or no expansion. A "case" in point are the slim-line cases from manufacturers such as Gateway and Micron. Their cases will not support an additional hard drive or enough bay expansion to install a tape drive, etc. In addition, memory upgrades can involve "throwing away" any existing memory when additional memory is needed.

Make sure that you are fully aware of the components that are being used in your machine BEFORE you purchase it. Beware of phrases like "Sound Blaster Compatible" or "OEM Video". This could mean that as software is developed that take advantage of more features on these types of devices, your machine could be left out.

For more information about purchasing a system or upgrading an existing system, SEND US A NOTE and we'll let you know (free of charge) our opinions. We would love to hear from you.

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