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(1 Samuel 5:1 - 6:21)

Painful the Walk of the Men of Ashdod,
Searing the Pain in the Ashdod Ass.
Stole the Ark and they brought it to Ashdod,
Brought it to use in Dagon's mass.

Dagon prostrate in front of the Ark
Fell on his Face and he broke in half;
Emerods broke on the Ashdod Assholes,
Philistia rings with Adonai's laugh.

With painful Steps they removed the Ark
But the Emerods grew on the Men of Gath
Inflamed they went down to noble Ekron
Where Asses grew the Grapes of Wrath.

Let us build a Cart with two yokeless milch Kine
And let us forge bright golden Emerods
And golden Mousies for a trespass Offering
And return the Ark to its proper God.

Then fell the Emerods from the Ashdod Assholes,
Relieved was the pain of the Men of Gath,
And the Kine went straight to the Way of Bethshemesh
To Levites subtle and polymath.

In: Feh! A Journal of Odious Poetry
June, 1993

-- Copyright 1993 by R. P. Veraa
All rights reserved.

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