A message from the Honorary President of the Romanian Union

Prof. univ. dr. Mircea Roman 

Dear friends,

The Romanian Union is now reality! It was born from the desire to create an organization meant to unite the Romanian Diaspora and also from the hope of erasing the psychological borders that separate us from our brothers. This will allow us, Romanians, to feel once again, one big and strong family.

The Romanian Union is an international organization with representation in 15 countries, on four continents. We are convinced that the number will increase; the Romanian Union would become, in time, the true representative of the Romanian Diaspora.

The Romanian Union is now just beginning its journey, but the realization of its aspirations is guaranteed by the integrity and moral value of its members, men and women spread throughout the world who continue to share the destiny of the country where they were born.

I would like to thank all of those who by believing in the viability and in the future of this organization, joined us, or will continue to join, contributing through their involvement, knowledge and devotion in the success of the Romanian Union.

Special thanks to my friends Liviu Cananau and Radu Murgescu, Jr. who believed in the idea and supported me thoroughly.

Mircea Roman
Honorary President of the Romanian Union

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