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Mario G. García

Maria de la Milera
President Elect

Manuel (Manny) García
1st Vice President

Michael deCossio
2nd Vice President

Roberto Garcia

Maria Saboya
Vice Treasurer

Victoria Arias
Corresp. Secr.

Virginia Díaz
Recording Secr.

Board of Directors
Leonel (Leo) Maresma
Maria I. Crowley
Angel de Pedro
Sylvia Mavrogenes
Jorge L. Montes
María E. Pérez
Judy Soto
Robert F. Vallejo

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Past Presidents
Maria Batista
Robert Santos-Aloma
Leonor Marrero
René Rodriguez
Alberto Darby
Estrella V. Arenas

Why Join NAHPA?

The National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators was organized to promote programs and activities that inspire professionalism and sound administrative practices, to help Hispanics strengthen their standing in the public sector and in their communities, and to enhance and assist with career development through effective networking and information dissemination.
NAHPA seeks to improve the image of government and public educational institutions at all levels, to keep members informed on important and pressing issues, and promote a continuos open dialogue between administrators, the public sector, and the community at large.
NAHPA cannot reach these goals without your input and involvement. Join us in pursuing the highest levels of professional achievement and satisfaction. Expand your horizons and become part of a growing and dynamic professional organization.
Email your application and help us forge an exciting and dynamic.

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The National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators has worked closely with local officials to establish training and intership programs that help promote the career development of public administrators and public-sector employees who want to become public adminsitrators. NAHPA also works with the public and private sector to expand summer youth employment opportunities.
I an effort to keep the Hispanic community informed about current and pressing issues. NAHPA sponsors workshops, luncheons and forums with prominent speakers and members of the community. NAHPA has been at the vanguard in leading its support to issues of anti-discrimination at all levels of government, and in bringing about greater gender and ethnic equity balance.
NAHPA is also involved in many civic and charitable activities. Some of these activities include voter registration drives. "Toys for Tots" drives for economically disadvantaged children from all ethnic groups, and the collection and distribution of food to the needy.

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The objectives of the National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators are:
  • To promote programs and activities that inspire professionalism and sound administrative practices in government and public educational institutions.
  • To maintain an open dialogue between Hispanic employees and the public sectors.
  • To provide national leadership on issues of concern to Hispanics.
  • To acknowledge and promote personal integrity and the highest standard of public conduct.
  • To improve the general image of Hispanics in the community.
  • To strengthen the position of Hispanic employees in the public sector.
  • To encourage and support Hispanics with their general career development.
  • To foster leadership by Hispanics.
  • To coordinate and sponsor lectures and forums to keep NAHPA members and the community informed.
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Historical Overview

The National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators, Inc. (NAHPA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, apolitical, professional organization, incorporated in the State of Florida in 1990. It's membership is open to individuals and organizations who subscribe to the objectives of NAHPA.
NAHPA seeks members from local, state, and federal government, as well as from public educational institutions. At its Annual Gala Event, NAHPA presents the Excellence in Government and Excellence in Education Awards. Recipients of these awards are honored for exemplary professionalism in the fields of public service and education; for resourceful and visionary management; creative and dynamic approaches to public administration; and commitment to the continued development of public administration.

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National Chapters

"En la unión está la fuerza"

"Strength through numbers" is an essential theme for NAHPA . Power and influence can only be attained by embracing morally and ethically correct principles but to be effective we must have a large membership.
Diversity is a crucial factor in the development and strength of NAHPA . The organization aggresively seeks the inclusion among its members of Hispanic-Americans from different national origins.
NAHPA's national headquarter is located in Coral Gables, Florida. The organization's by-laws contain provisions for the establishment of local chapters. NAHPA does not descriminate on the basis of gender or ethnicity, and welcomes the participation of all individuals who share NAHPA's objectives.

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