Auto Taser


Auto Taser
Price: $249.95
Stock # 201

Introducing an automotive defense system that fights back. The AUTO TASER is the first anti-theft system that actively combats tampering with your vehicle. Simply lock the AUTO TASER on your steering wheel and arm it with your remote control. If the AUTO TASER’s ultra sensitive motion detectors sense an intruder, it sounds a screeching alarm as a warning before aggressive countermeasures are initiated. After the warning siren, the AUTO TASER activates a field of electrons that completely surround it. Any attempt to touch the AUTO TASER zaps the thief with an unforgettable, yet non-lethal 5,900 milliwatt electron pulse. A thief can’t steal what he can’t touch. Only you can deactivate the AUTO TASER’s electron field with your coded remote control.


The AUTO TASER gives you the advantages of four complete car security systems. First, it functions as a steering wheel locking device. Made from hardened steel, it prevents anyone from moving the wheel. Second, it has a remote controlled alarm system which detects intruders and alerts everyone if someone tampers with your car. Third, it uses our patented TASER technology to ZAP the fingers of any thief who attempts to tamper with the AUTO TASER. And fourth, the AUTO TASER can be used as a car stereo lock. Just position the AUTO TASER so that the bar is in front of your stereo, and thieves cannot remove the stereo without getting ZAPPED! No other car security system can match all of these features at any price.


Based on the same technology as the famous AIR TASER® self-defense system, the AUTO TASER is proven to safely and effectively defend your car when you’re not there. It leaves no long term injuries -- just a stunning experience. Further, since it’s locked inside your vehicle, someone just brushing against your car will not be accidentally stunned.

Forget bells and lights. Give your car the ability to defend itself -- AUTO TASER.
It’s untouchable.


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Air Taser Kit
Price $239.95
Stock # 157

The Technologically advanced AIR TASER uses compressed air to fire two small probes secured to 15 feet of TASER wire. When the probes attach to an assailant's clothing, the AIR TASER sends powerful T-Waves through the wires into the body of an assailant, jamming the nervous system and causing incapacitation for several minutes. The AIR TASER causes no long-term damage, and is faster and more effective than chemical sprays. The unit can also be used as contact stun gun.

Pack of 2 Air Cartridges
Price: $54.95
Stock # 162

Laser Sight
Laser Sight
Price: $139.95
Stock # 159
Taser Holder
Taser Holder
Price: $39.95
Stock # 160
Cartridge Holster
Cartridge Holster
Price: $19.95
Stock # 161


Introducing the most discreet and humane self-defense you'll ever own.

Get the full reach of a stun-baton, without drawing stares on town or city streets. Discreet Stun-Brella resembles an ordinary collapsible umbrella. Until you hit the hidden trigger. Then a snapping blue glow of 80,000 volts jolts out of the tip.

Tough Enough to instantly put down even wild thugs for 3-5 minutes - without permanent damage. Why not enjoy hi-power security without looking like a riot cop?

Stun-Brella Defense System

Price $119.00
Stock # 158


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