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Tape Recorder that can be used in covert situations for surveillance Size: (22.2 x 57.2 x 88.9mm)

Price: $799.95
Stock # 101
  • Detects Tape Recorders & R.F. "Bugs"
  • "Super Sensitive" Pocketsize Integrated Circuit Design
  • Dual Mode Wristband Antenna
  • Silent VIBRATOR alert, with On/Off Slectability
  • Ident. L.E.D.'s for both Detection Circuits, with On/Off Selectability (Night Use)
  • Manual reset for Ident. L.E.D.'s with Auto Level Control
  • Low Battery L.E.D. Indicator
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack (Self-Contained)
  • Rugged, Aluminum Aircraft Construction

hidden tape recorders

5 Hour Tape Recorder SW-5000

very small tape recorders for covert situations

Dimensions: 2 5/16 x 4 5/8 x 15/16 in.
(without batteries)
SW-5000 Tape Recorder
Price $139.95
Stock # 102

Never before has so much functionality and durability been offered in such a small package. Simply plug The Silent Witness into any single line modular phone jack, place unit in record, and the rest is totally automatic. All conversations from all extensions will be recorded on a tiny MC-90 microcassette. 5 full hours of conversation per tape. The SW-5000 starts recording when any phone is lifted "off-hook" and stops upon "hang-up". No battery power is used between calls so batteries last for about 10 "recording hours" even though the actual elapsed time could be several weeks or longer.
Total silent operation including tape stop at end assures you of unobtrusive tape recording. Conversations in progress can be monitored as they are recorded simply by using the private earplug. Dual-speed operation allows for fast review playback of recordings.

Warning: This product is not intended to be used as an illegal "wiretap". Check all state, federal, and local laws before use.

wire tap tape recorders

8 Hour Tape Recorder PH-8000

phone line tape recorder

8 Hour Tape Recorder
Price $159.95
Stock # 103


For ease-of-use, portability, and quality long play tape recording from single line telephones, this unit is unsurpassed! Simply plug into any single line modular jack with the supplied duplex plug, place unit in the record mode, and the rest is automatic. All extensions on line will be recorded--both sides of conversations--clearly and dependably. And best of all, there is NO BATTERY DRAIN while unit is waiting for the next incoming or outgoing call. Two AA batteries (supplied) will record 8 full hours of conversation, regardless of the elapsed time between recordings. Batteries could actually last for months! Included is everything needed for connection in seconds: Duplex Plug, Telephone Connector Cable, High-Grade D-140 Cassette Tape, 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries and Complete Instructions.

To be used only in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Mini Long Play Tape Recorder

Olympus tape recorder
Olympus Tape Recorder
Price $299.00
Stock # 104

  • Tape Records up to 3 hrs. of phone conversation on a regular 90 min. microcassette.
  • Built-in microphone for 3 hrs. of conference recording.
  • Comes with special mini telephone recording control.
  • Automatically activated when any extension is picked up & deactivated when extension is hung up.
  • Compact and transportable.
  • Auto reverse.
  • Comes with rugged carrying case.
Note: Not to be used for surreptitious interception of oral communications. All equipment is sold subject to public law 90-351, Title111.18 U.S.D. Section 2511. All local, state, and federal ordinances, rules, regulations, etc. it is the sole responsibility of the buyer (not the seller)to consult legal counsel for interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use. *Not to be used for unauthorized recording.

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