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UV Theft Detection Powders


Depending upon your particular situation, visible stain detection maybe preferable to ultraviolet detection in some cases. Visible stain thief detection powder is used to trap thieves by applying to objects likely to be stolen. After the protected item comes in contact with the skin, the body's amino acids react with the powder, creating a highly visible colored stain which can last up to several days. Note: the stains may discolor the marked object. Non-toxic. 2 oz. container.

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Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder is designed for thief detection and the identification of stolen or altered items. For example, an article can be marked so that it is invisible to the eye, but under ultraviolet light the item and anyone who touched it can be identified. Powder, once touched, remains on fingers and hands, invisible except under UV light. Tampering, theft, substitution, etc., can be revealed as well as evidence against a suspect provided. Fluorescence is the phenomenon by which certain materials absorb ultraviolet energy and re-emit this invisible radiation in the form of visible colored light. Fluorescence occurs only while the material is being activated by the UV rays. Once the source of the LTV radiation is removed, the fluorescent glow ceases, The best fluorescent responses occur in darkness or under low-level lighting conditions .This fluorescent tracer powder readily transfers to the fingers and hands when touched, leaving the subject "glowing" when put under UV inspection. Powder is recommended for indoor use; paste is recommended for most outdoor rise. To make an ultraviolet paste, simply mix the powder in Vaseline. Ultraviolet powder and paste can be applied to locks, fire alarm boxes, off-limits door knobs, computer keyboards, etc.; the list is unlimited, depending upon your security requirements. Non-toxic. 2 oz. container. Recommended for use with the Mini Ultraviolet Lamp (see below).
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This economical and efficient transistorized hand-held ultraviolet lamp provides rays in the TJV-A (blacklight) range (365 NM to be precise), perfectly matched for use with our detectable substances. Its convenient coat pocket size makes it as practical in the field as in the lab. It also has a standard white flashlight bulb built in. Uses four AA batteries (not included). Note: A small segment of the population is sensitive to radiation in this region of the spectrum and may experience adverse effects. Size: 2" X'/4" x 6".

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This felt-tipped pen provides you with an inexpensive and convenient ultraviolet writing instrument. Ideal for marking currency, personal property, or taking covert notes. The markings remain invisible Until examined under an ultraviolet light source. Recommended for use with the Mini Ultraviolet Lamp (see above).

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This colorless alcohol-based ink dries in less than one minute. It is not visible to the eye, however under UV light it will fluoresce blue. It can be applied by felt pen, stamp pad, brush, roller or, in a pinch, even with a toothpick. Applications include re- admission control, coding, inventory control, secret written communications, etc. This ink can be used on wood, paper, skin, or other porous materials. It will remain oil the skin for up to 24 hours.
Sold in one pint (16 oz.) container.

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