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NetSide Subscription Information

NetSide Corporation

P.O. Box 403895, Miami Beach, FL 33140
* Voice: 305-531-1995 * Fax: 305-531-1975 *
E-mail: admin@netside.net

Offering full UNIX PPP/shell/FTP/SFTP/email accounts, including 10MB of Web space


For only $15/month you get the best the Internet has to offer online ...

                                                  | and running on the server:
shells: bash, sh, csh, ksh, tcsh, zsh             |
e-mail: unix mail/mailx, pine, elm, pop3 client   | Solaris 2.5.1 full install
editors: vi, pico, emacs, joe                     | counter, imagemap, forms
newsreaders: nn, rn, tass, tin, trn               | CERN 3.0   httpd (pt 80)
chat: talk, ntalk, ytalk, irc, icb                | Apache (virtual domains) 
connect: ssh, rlogin, PPP                         | INN 1.4sec USENET news
search/retrieval: archie, gopher, ftp, lynx, www  | Ascend RADIUS
compilers: Gnu C/C++, Perl, emacs lisp, python    | ntalkd BSD Talk daemon
archive: tar, compress, gzip, zip, uuencode, shar | BIND 4.9.7 DNS name server
communications: kermit, xmodem, ymodem, zmodem    | gopherd Gopher server
help: full set of on-line manuals for each command| ftpd FTP server

and many more features, including a friendly command and Web menu interface. All NetSide html documents are fully readable with text-based browsers.

NetSide Account Pricing Information:

All accounts include a home directory with 10MB of disk storage and a www accessible free homepage (to be custom developed by the user, simple template only provided). Independent contractors are available to help set up your PC.

NetSide users can download free PC software for all major functions from our FTP/Gopher site (ftp://ftp.netside.net/pub/setup/[dos,mac,win.31,win.95,os2]).

Unlimited access

NetSide accounts enjoy unlimited access to the Internet. This means there are no special periods of time with high traffic in a given day during which access to the system is limited in some fashion. Dial-in whenever you want, and remain connected for as long as you want!

Hovever, unlimited access is not equivalent to unlimited or dedicated 24x7 usage of system resources. At this time, NetSide does not enforce a time usage limit on dial-up accounts, however it reserves the right to impose such a limit should individual dial-up resources usage hog the system. We expect dial-up users to voluntarily limit their connect time so as not to exceed 120 hours/month, or about 4 hours per day on average (we have to remind our subscribers that a Ma' Bell phone line costs $30 + tax per month, they are paying $15, and we are not the Phone Company :-).

Contact NetSide Corporation for more information.

Disclaimer: Pricing and policies are subject to change without notice. No refunds offered for setup fees and discounted prepaid periods of any length, as well as for accounts cancelled for violating system and Internet rules. NetSide will not assume responsibilities for damages resulting from using a system account in an irresponsible manner. We provide a working connection, but cannot teach you how to use the Internet, your computer or your software. We only provide Internet access services, email and web hosting, carry a full uncensored news feed, and do not monitor for content or shepherd your young. The parents or legal guardians of minors are solely responsible to police the user's actions. All users are expected to voluntarily follow netiquette. Spamming, hacking, disruption of services, resale of services and account sharing prohibited. Accounts will be suspended or cancelled without warning for non-payment.


Please address all correspondence regarding a NetSide subscription to:

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