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NetSide Commercial Accounts

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Commercial PPP/shell/FTP/SFTP Dial-up Accounts with
50MB Business Web Sites:

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Supported Clients:





Payments for NetSide services are prorated for the period the account will be used. Minimum start-up fee: $50.00 for first month, $25.00 monthly thereafter, due one week from the date the account is opened. Accounts will be suspended for late payment, closed if initial payment is not received within two weeks from the opening date, and a $25.00 setup charge applies to reopen the account, in addition to the unpaid balance. Bounce a check: account will be charged $25.00 extra for the first occurrence, next time only credit card option or yearly advance payment accepted (meaning your credit with NetSide is mud :). Because yearly subscription fees are discounted, no refund for unused time is offered if the account is cancelled prior to the expiration of the prepaid period.

The following payment methods are acceptable: ______________________________________________________________________
Call 305-531-1995 to subscribe

Please address all correspondence regarding a NetSide subscription to:

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