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NetSide Individual Accounts

Introducing the best deal you can get in Florida:

Individual PPP/shell/FTP/SFTP dial-up Accounts: $15/month

Supported Clients:




Payments for NetSide services are prorated for the period the account will be used. Minimum subscription period: one month. Minimum start-up fee: $30.00 for first month, $15.00 monthly thereafter, due one week from the date the account is opened. Accounts will be closed if payment is not received within two weeks from the due date, and a $15.00 setup charge applies to reopen the account, in addition to the unpaid balance. Bounce a check: account will be charged $25.00 extra for the first occurrence, next time only credit card option or long-term advance payment accepted (meaning your credit with NetSide is mud :).

The following payment methods are acceptable: ______________________________________________________________________
Call 305-531-1995 to subscribe

Please address all correspondence regarding a NetSide subscription to:

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